Teardrop Trailer

Why Teardrop Trailer?

They are stylish and practical. They are light and easy to tow. And besides,


We build Teardrop trailers with different levels of equipment. The dimensions are the same, the only differences are the color tones and comfort widgets, which will largely determine the feel of your travel, hike or holiday.

The base Teardrop trailer model is suitable for those who want to personalize their camper, ie tune the kitchen and systems at their own discretion.

If you want a complete solution, then with the accessories we offer, you can take your Teardrop trailer to a whole new “league”. We are especially proud of the large panoramic window. The added glass surface makes the cabin more spacious and illuminated. So while lying there, the expanse of the sky is all there for your enjoyment.

Other accessories can be found mainly in the kitchen section. We have put together an off-the-grid kitchen solution, where you can use a refrigerator, an integrated gas stove and a sink, regardless of the electrical system of the car, so you can leave your Teardrop in its full functionality to the camping ground and send a travel companion to the store to replenish camping supplies.

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Our Teardrop Trailer
Weight & Dimensions

Unladen weight550+ kg
Gross weight750kg
Overall length4200mm
Overall width1995mm
Overall height1900mm
Inner cabin lenght2000mm
Inner cabin width1410mm
Inner cabin height1250mm
Assemble Your Teardrop here! / Stellen Sie hier Ihren Teardrop zusammen! / Komplekteeri endale Teardrop siin!



Kitchen & Bed on Wheels

PRICE starts at €16 500

All prices include 20% VAT

Assemble Your Teardrop:

Teardrop trailers loves more retro colors and thats why we use the RAL CLASSIC color chart. Note that in reality the trailer will be slightly lighter than the chosen tone! Some of our favorite colors are here –

matkahaagise värv


All prices include VAT 20%.

Payment option

The first deposit (so-called queuing-fee) is € 1,500.
Once we have agreed on all the conditions (usually it takes 1 week), we will start assembling the Teardrop trailer after the next installment (50% of the cost of the trailer). The total assembly time is up to 8 weeks. The final payment (50% of the cost of the camping trailer minus € 1,500) must be paid upon completion (before delivery).

* Teardrop Trailer Delivery

Shipping costs are not included in the price of the MiniCamper. We are located in Pärnu, Estonia. So if you pick it up yourself, there is no extra shipping cost. However, if you need delivery, please enter your exact address in the Shipping field when submitting your request. This allows us to add shipping costs to your offer.
In mainland Estonia, the shipping cost is € 150 and to islands € 250. Within Europe it may vary in a range from € 300 to € 1000.

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